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Dog Training

Buster studies hard so that he can be the best dog he can be!

Do you deal with behaviors from your dog that make it embarrassing to be around other people? Imagine instead having a dog that you are proud to show off around your family and friends. Imagine you and your dog being much happier, long term. Many dog owners have troubles finding dog training that actually works with just one program. They hire dog trainers who sell them package after package to get results. Our programs are designed to give you the end result you're looking for with no hidden costs.

We offer a variety of dog training programs in the Salt Lake Area that vary by the length of time your dog stays with us and the amount of time you work with your dog. Our dog training programs always produce results. We have a variety of programs to choose from. We can customize programs, that include obedience and behavior modification for around $500 and up.

How our programs work:

All of our programs include all of the equipment you'll need to be able to safely and confidently reach your training goals. You just need to pick which program fits your personal preference and needs. This is a serious investment towards years of peace of mind and happiness with your dog. Each program varies on how much time your dog spends with us for training and how active you are in the training.

We focus on the resolution of unwanted behaviors, reliability around distractions and creating a calm dog who you can show off to all your friends.

Some of the extras that our programs include that set us apart from other dog trainer's packages: 
  • Unlimited email, text and phone support.

  • All necessary training tools included with each package (you will need a crate for your dog).

  • Admittance to our FREE on-leash pack walks to help you and your pup practice your new skills.
  • We'll resolve all of your dog's less-than-desirable habits and behaviors. We'll help solve those pesky problems like, pulling on the leash, stealing food off the counter, excessive barking, jumping, play biting, house breaking issues and many more.

As you can probably tell, we do things a little differently!

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Ask us about our puppy training packages!

Our Patient Pooch program is for the family who wants to take a more active approach to dog training.Click on the picture above for more information.

 The Calm Canine program is for the family who doesn't have a lot of time to train their dog but still want to take an active approach.Click on the photo above for more information.

Do you want a calm and respectful dog who no longer makes you wonder if "it's worth it" but don't have lots of time to dedicate to training? Our Dream Dog training program may be the best option for you and your family. Click on the photo above for more information.

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