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Happy Tails

"I rescued Kiva in June. She has a very sweet temperament and also gets quite excited over just about everything. I spent a considerable amount of money at another training organization but it didn't meet mine or Kiva's needs. Ashley of Bark n' Biscuit was recommended to me so I signed up for 4 private lessons with e-collar training. One of
the biggest benefits is that she worked with me in my environment to show me how to help Kiva be more calm and contained. She also listened to what my preferences were in my relationship with my dog and the specific things that were important to me. Kiva would bolt out the door when I opened it, walk as if she was on a solo venture without
checking in with me, jump up on people, and not come when called. Not now. She sits at the door when it is wide open and waits until I ask her to come out. She focuses more on walks so it feels like we are enjoying it together. She is no longer jumping up when guests arrive
at my home and she is better with recall. Mostly Ashely trained me to
clearly communicate with my dog. I  now feel that I have the tools to continue to effectively work with Kiva so we can have more big adventures together. Ashley was professional, fun, relaxed, reliable and her training is affordable. She makes herself available during training for any questions that might come up via email or text. I highly recommend her training services. Kiva is now signed up for Ashley's off leash adventures every week and I am looking forward to her continued development. Thanks Ashley."

-Melissa & Kiva
Capital Hill, Utah
Cute Kiva loved her time at B&B!
Roxy and Jen loves Bark & Biscuits!

"I have read so many articles, dog training books and tried everything, nothing seemed to work! Roxy was so anxious and overly-excited, whining constantly and not paying attention to me outside no matter what I did. She had car anxiety as well, howling and pacing and crying up a storm in the car. It was hard to take her anywhere. I heard Ashley was a great trainer, so I signed her up for a training program. I got my dog back expecting her to be somewhat calmer, somewhat more! She was AMAZING! I was blown away! My friends and family can barely believe this well-mannered, attentive, happy pooch is Roxy. She was calmer in the car, she pays attention to me outside, she HEELS FINALLY, and she doesn't trip people going ballistic when they arrive to my house.  I was so impressed that I'm now addicted to Bark and Biscuit! I've enrolled her in weekly hikes and Roxy  always has this huge goofy smile in every picture Ashley takes. She's no longer the high-strung, confused, and stressed-lookin dog I adopted. She's confident, happy, loving and obedient. Roxy and I love Ashley! We love Bark and Biscuit! They've changed our relationship, and our lives. THANKS ASHLEY! XOXOXOX"

-Jennifer, Roxy's Mom
Millcreek, Utah

 "Ashley has changed my life! I am a first time dog owner and after taking my beloved Oxford home from the shelter he started exhibiting some aggression with dogs and runners. I knew that I was supposed to be the pack leader but I had no clue how to do that. Ashley shows me step by step how to interact with my dog so that he can eventually become a calm, secure, companion. She goes above and beyond her job description and has served as a motivational speaker whenever I become discouraged. She gets to know her clients (both human and dogs) individually so that she can provide training that will work for you. She showed me patience, determination, and encouragement. She is rehabilitating my dog and training me. =) I truly could not imagine our lives without her. Thanks to her, Oxford is becoming an amazing well behaved dog, one step at time. Every penny I have spent has been worth it. You won't find a better trainer.   =) "

-Janna, Oxford's Mom

Millcreek, Utah
Happy clients Oxford and Janna
Happy Bark & Biscuit clients, Tiff, Ruby & Pork
Dearest Ashley. I am so happy I have you as a friend and an incredible dog trainer. You are very talented w/ dogs and people, you have the ability to handle all sorts of challenges. The experience my dog, Pork and I had with you was helpful in many ways. Pork is behaving in ways I didn't know possible, so thank you! And I feel more confident in the way I handle my dog. We have work to do all the time, but, I learned techniques from you that help me and Pork out. I am grateful to you and I highly recommend you to all dog lovers, you're the best!  Tif and Pork

-Tiffany & Ruby
Pork's owners

"I just had the most enjoyable walk with Bravo! Thank you so much for your help! A husky was walking straight toward us, I didn't tense up, I stayed walking straight toward them, we were only 5 feet apart, and there was no incident at all! I didn't even have to correct him at all the whole walk. My arms and shoulders were relaxed the whole time.....AMAZING!"

- Kathy, Bravo & Oakley's Owner

Sandy, Utah

Bravo is so happy to be a Bark & Biscuit dog!
Happy B&B client Taffy the Big Galoot

"WE LOVE ASHLEY & BARK & BISCUIT Dog HIKES!  Taffy is super happy every time Ashley takes her out romping and hiking in the Mountains.  Also great for boarding when I go on vacation. I can relax knowing everything will be just fine. Thanks very much!  From  Barb & Taffy."

-Barbara, Taffy's Owner

Cottonwood Heights, Utah

"My dog Franco gets so excited when he sees Bark & Biscuit pull up. He loves romping in the mountains with all his doggy friends and always returns home exhausted. I feel much better about leaving him home when I have to go to work knowing that he has gotten lots of exercise and special care. I've also noticed that since we started using Bark & Biscuit he is much better behaved. I think Ashley has been secretly training him during their time together. When Franco returns home after an extended stay at the B&B he sits and pouts by the door wanting to go back. I am so happy I found Bark & Biscuit. I don't know where Franco and I would be with out Ashley!"

- Jared, Franco's roommate
Avenues, Utah

Happy duo Franco and Jared

 "Thank you so much Ashley Wolf!!!! After seven years of being dragged around, Sage can now walk on a leash without even thinking about pulling me!!! You are the best dog whisperer ever! I can't wait to show everyone, in fact, they probably won't recognize him."

- Alisa, Sage's Mom 

Rose Park, Utah

Golden retrievers Sadie and Joey

 "We hired Bark & Biscuit for an overnight in-home pet sit. Normally when we come home from out of town our dogs are overexcited, have lots of pent up energy and have destroyed some small piece of the house. Bark & Biscuit changed all that! Our dogs looked up at us sleepily when we came in rather than rushing us at the door, their water dish was clean and full, and best of all, the dogs had a blast. If you want peace of mind for your best friends while away from home, I recommend Bark & Biscuit. It was one of the best decisions I have made for my 'kids'! Thank you Ashley!" 

-   Joey & Sadie's Mom, Ali 
West Valley, Utah         
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