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Local Doggy Fun Spots
Tanner Park
Tanner Park/Parley's Trail
This park is a pretty easy trail and you can always count on friends for your four legged companion to play with!
Ferguson Canyon
Furguson Canyon
Dogs are allowed on-leash on this trail. This trail is about 3.5 miles long and mildly strenuous. Make sure not to cross the ridge to big cottonwood canyon, it's a watershed area and dogs are not allowed.
City Creek Center
City Creek Center
A Pet-friendly shopping mall! Dogs are allowed in common areas. They must well behaved, on-leash, and under your control at all times.
Millcreek Canyon
Millcreek Canyon
This is a great place to hike! There is Dog Like that is pretty easy to hike up to, and on odd days you can even let your pup off-leash in the canyon. On even days you can still take them, but be sure to keep them on a leash.
Memory Grove
Memory Grove
Walk North along the water creek and you'll find a fun off-leash area for your dog! Hike and explore with your furry companion.
Sandy City Dog Park
Sandy Dog Park
A full acre, fenced in with trees and benches and a nice trail to walk along. A great, safe place for you and your dog to get some fresh air.

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