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Local Leash Laws
Where can your dog be off leash?
Your dog can be off leash in designated areas of parks and public spaces.
  1.  Designated areas of Memory Grove Park known as the Freedom Trail section,
  2. The municipal ballpark, also known as Herman Franks Park, except for the fenced youth baseball diamonds and playground area,
  3. Designated areas of Jordan Park,
  4. Designated areas of Lindsey Gardens
  5. Designated areas of Parley's Historic Nature Park
Females In Heat
Females in heat must be confined indoors or in a secure enclosure, and can't be running at large.

Nervous to take your dog off leash?

If your dog doesn't listen very well, consider one of our training packages, like our dream dog program that focuses on off-leash reliability.

If you'd like to teach them yourself, try taking them in a low distraction area on a long lead and calling them back once they get far away. If they don't come, give them a tug and try calling them again. This is a safe way to practice teaching them they must come when called.

Bark & Biscuit Inc is not responsible for updating any change in leash laws, any confusion interpreted from our explanation, or any legal issues encountered by erroneous understanding of laws.

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