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Local Veterinary Care
Where are we? So many smells!
Is your dog comfortable going to a Vet's Office?
There are quite a few great vets out there, and we've always liked Avenues Pet Clinic. They have a great, friendly staff and Dr. Ponce is amazing.  They are also open Monday thru Saturday. Learn more about them here: Avenues Pet Clinic.


Have you considered At Home Vet Care?
A trip to a veterinarian's office is an experience that can be fraught with anxiety and stress for your pet. It can also be hard to take time off of work, the car itself may be a stressor for your pet, you often feel rushed and you may not get all of your questions answered. By the time you're done, you usually feel just as exhausted and frustrated as your nervous pet!

At home vet care takes away all the stress, and gives you the time and attention you need. If you have a new pet especially, you may not know what their reaction will be to a vet, and they will always feel more comfortable in your own home.

Try Brett Packer, DVM! He's been a practicing veterinarian since 1997. Learn all about him, click here! At home vet care may be the right choice for you. We at B&B think he's great!

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