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Perfect Puppy Training Program

Is that cute little bundle of fur you brought home turning out to be quite the handful? Is your little pup leaving you little messes all over your house? Do you want to actually get a full nights sleep and  not have to get up at 3 am to take the puppy out? Training a puppy take lots of time and patience and starting off on the right paw will help you enjoy your dog through all of it's life stages.

The most important thing you can teach your puppy is how to relax and be calm. During your puppies training they will learn not only to relax and be calm, but also socialization, potty training, crate training and other polite behaviors. While your dog is still a little pup (under 6 months) we take him or her  into our home for a 10 day potty and basic training program with lots of crucial socialization then when your pup is a little older (6 months old) we take him or her into our home for a 2 week training where we  incorporate them into our family and pack and teach them important skills to help your pup become a balance, calm and well-mannered member of your family.

In addition to learning the standard obedience cues, your dog will be taught appropriate behaviors to replace un-wanted behaviors as well as off-leash reliability. Upon drop off, your dog's hot new skills will be demonstrated and you will receive a detailed write up of  your dog's new skills and how you can exercise to maintain them.

This program is for the family who wants the absolutely best training experience for their puppy. Perfect for those planning a vacation or heading out of town on a work trip. We take no more than 1 pup at a time so book early. Space is limited!

I am so good off leash I get to play with my friends at the park!
This package includes:
  • Lifetime Support Guarantee - Unlimited follow-up lessons!
  • All necessary training equipment, a $400 dollar value! Including a leash and a cot bed. (You will need a crate)
  • On-leash training
  • Off-leash training
  • Introduction to canine psychology
  • Basic concepts and commands including Sit, Sit/Stay, Down, Down/Stay, Place, Off, Heel, Drop it, Leave it, Come, Break, Impulse control, Quite, Load up (getting into the car) - Both on and off leash!
  • Play romps and socialization at our B&B.
  • Field trip and real world distraction training
  • Text or email photo updates of your dog's progress
  • Discount on boarding at our B&B
  • Treadmill training, a great way to exercise your dog on a rainy day.
  • Approval into our pack adventures!



   10 day stay with us (for puppies under 4 months old)

+ at 5-6 months old they will stay with us as long as needed (average time is 3 weeks)

+ unlimited private follow up in home lessons!

No shoving through the door for us. We wait patiently.
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