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Train your Dog

Dog Training Services in Salt Lake City, Utah | (801)231-7311


At Bark & Biscuit, Inc, we believe a balanced dog is a happy dog. We offer an array of services to help you and your dog achieve balance and for you to have a happier hound. These services cover any behavioral problems and can help solve those pesky and annoying issues you are having with your dog. Contact us today to learn how we can best help you and your furry friend.  

“My dog is really sweet, but…
            ……(now you fill in the blank)!”

We hear it all the time. Leash pulling, jumping, barking, nipping? We can help with that! We offer a variety of dog training programs to best suit your needs and schedule. Click Train for more information.

We know that it takes hard work and lots of time to support your dog's good habits…but be kind, be fair…your dog needs some fresh air!
Whether it's a stroll through the neighborhood or a romp in the mountains your dog will have a fetching good time! We offer dog walking, dog camp which include off leash adventures such as hikes, trips to a lake, frolics at the park and more, small dog and puppy social play groups so your pup will receive lots of structure, exercise and doggy fun! Click Play for more information.

Are you going out of town but can't take your pet along? Need a little refresher in your dog's training? Want peace of mind knowing your dog is receiving lots of structure, care and fun while you're away on business? Your dog will receive a unique boarding experience when they stay with us at our cozy B&B! Click Stay for more information.

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