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Dog Training Services in Salt Lake City, Utah | (801)231-7311

Train and Play with our Dog Videos!

Meet the Trainer

Who is Bark and Biscuit? Who is Ashley Wolf? What makes her such a successful dog trainer? Find out here!

Tiny Dancers!

Just a couple cute little B&B doggies having some fun!

Why must the trainer meet my dog?

Bark and Biscuit's Jennifer explains why any good dog trainer will want to meet your dog before giving you too much training advice.

Crate Training Your Dog

Crate Training! Why is it so important? How come it's so highly recommended by so many trainers and websites? Find out here!

Structured Fetch

Structured fetch is a great way to train and play! Watch Nakia, one of Ashley's dogs, show off her down stay while Ashley throws the ball. Playing structured fetch is not only a great mental exercise for your dog, it also helps her practice impulse control which comes in handy around real world distractions.

Before and After Dog Training
Anxious to Calm Greeting

Roxy is a very anxious and high strung pup! She just wants to please everyone so badly and is just so excited, it makes her stressed out! After a couple weeks of training with B&B, check out the difference in her greetings.

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